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Our Approach

Amish Vapes is proudly powered online by E-Juice Rev, our exclusive online distributor. EJuiceRev makes online retail and whole purchasing easy and efficient. Through our partnership with EJuiceRev we have been able to successfully get our products out to thousands of people around the world. Visit EjuiceRev.com today and purchase your Amish Vapes handcrafted Apple Fritter and Apple Butter ejuice flavors today!

Our Story

Our company manufactures hand-crafted Amish flavor ejuices. Our signature ejuice flavors are Apple Fritter EJuice and Apple Butter Ejuice. Amish Vapes knows that the Amish community has a reputation for good pure food. Nearly all Amish homes have a sizable garden, growing many fruits and vegetables. Amish eat a lot fresh food in the growing and harvest months, and can large quantities of fruits and vegetables from the winter. Some of the famous products available at an Amish store in Lancaster, PA is the signature Apple Butter and Apply Fritter. That is why Amish Vapes specialized in hand-crafting the Amish Apple Butter and Apple Fritter EJuices.  

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